Material of uPVC
The uPVC profiles used by Capital Windows is made from special moulding material called KOMALIT-Z, Which has been developed by KÖMMERLIMG Germany after extensive research and filed trials in extreme climatic condition & stand true to German standard DIN 748- uPVC EDPL, 080-35-28.

Komalit Z is the formula developed by KÖMMERLIMG. This special compound gives exceptionally high impact strength, the longevity and superior quality to the uPVC profiles. Till now, it is one of the most stable formula compounds of window products. The process of making the profile start in the form of powder mixed and blended homogeneously with all necessary additives for high impact UV to form a compound that meets all the required properties.

The compound is then fed in molten form into moulds designed according to the different sizes and specification of profiles. Once this process is finished, the extruded profile is calibrated thru special units. Then it is cooled to from the final uPVC profile to be used in the fabrication of the window & door.

uPVC fairly known as rigid PVC, is a multi-purpose material used in various applications with the main use in building industry. Other than building purposes, uPVC also used in products such as clothes, shoes, credit cards, sewer, sports, electricity, water pipes and water and wind resistant jackets, etc.

After polyethylene and polypropylene, Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC is the third most widely used thermoplastic polymer. uPVC is specially manufactured PVC, resistant to ultraviolet ray of sun, which increases the durability of material and keeps it always in a new condition. uPVC is widely used in almost every European country for manufacturing more than 50% of the doors and windows. Providing a customer satisfaction value, uPVC has founded its sustainable future in the building industry.

Ranging from a wide collection of tilt and turn, friction stay, inside and outside opening, slider or fixed windows and doors, we provide products with best of the quality and long lasting durability. Although uPVC products are a bit expensive than the conventional and traditional doors and windows made from aluminum and wood their features are unmatchable and thus are successfully increasing their purchase power in India presently.
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