Various types & combinations of glass can be used with Capital Windows uPVC Windows/Doors to suit your requirements, a perfect choice of glass will add to the interior comfort of your home.
Glass should be selected on the basis of thermal insulation requirement (climatic condition), sound insulation requirement (surrounding environment condition) and safety requirement. Capital Windows windows and doors can accommodate any type of glass as desired and required as per the clients requirement. Following are the type of glasses which can be selected:-
Tinted Float Annealed Glass
These are standard float glass but pigmented in various colors in order to typically absorb solar radiation. Tinted glass takes care to a smaller extent of thermal insulation and to larger extent of solar radiation.
Reflective Float Glass
These are float glass with metallic coating thus helping to reflect back the solar radiation thus taking care of thermal insulation better than tinted glass and also solar radiation. Further since it reflects the light in the day time it ensures minimum visibility from the outside.
Tempered/Toughened Glass
These are float glass which have been tempered under very high temperature, thus making them times stronger than the normal float glass. Due to heating they become brittle and because of that when broken they shatter into small pieces like automotive glass.
Laminated/Shatter Proof Glass
When two glass sheets of any of the above mentioned glasses are sandwiched together with one or more layers of PVB plastic or resin it is called laminated glass. The process of sandwiching/lamination makes the glass much stronger and prevents easy breakage. Due to PVB Plastic or resin in between the glass does not shatter when it breaks.
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